Ben Price

May 15, 2019 4 Comments

Ben Price Audi S1

Volkswagen Technician and petrol head Ben Price, has come on board and joined the #MDTeam as a Brand Representative for the West Midlands area. Ben's stealth Audi S1 will turn heads for sure...if you don't hear it first!
This four-wheel drive, 340bhp bullet will be rocking up to various car shows and meets around the country. Ben also plans on taking it on a road trip this summer with his mates through the Scottish version of America's famous Route 66 - our type of trip.
Almost all of the work carried out on the S1 has been completed by Ben himself, along with very regular maintenance services of oil, filters and spark plugs. So, its fair to say that this stunning S1 is well maintained with no expense spared! 


Tell us a bit about your vehicle?

I have owned the car for around 6 months which was purchased in bone stock condition before I was let loose on it. Originally, I was looking at VW Golf Gti Mk7's, but decided against it as the S1's are equipped with the famous Audi Quattro 4WD and have the ability to run reliable aftermarket hardware and software. 

Ben Price Audi S1  

What sort of modifications have you added to your vehicle?

Exterior Modifications:

  • 25mm Lowering springs
  • Blacked our front and rear badges
  • Honeycomb front RS style grill
  • Poly-bushed underside

Engine/Performance Modifications:

  • Front mounted intercooler 
  • Uprated performance clutch 
  • Cold air intake and TT inlet pipe 
  • Sports-cat downpipe
  • Stage 2 ECU software 


What are your future plans for your Audi S1?

Without spending big money there isn't a huge amount (performance wise) I can carry out on the S1. I'm looking into a high pressure fuel pump and a short shifter for the time being - these will help the drivability for sure! In terms of additional plans, I would like to purchase some carbon mirror caps along with some carbon exhaust tips. Perhaps down the line I wouldn't mind fitting some new shoes to her... most likely some Bola CSR's or O.Z Ultraleggera's. The next major tuning modification would be bolting the IS38 Turbo used to propel the Golf R, Audi S3 & Lean Cupra. However, this may not come in 2019. 


Tell us why you are representing Mattallics Detailing...

I'm really chuffed to be a part of the Mattallics Detailing brand representative team. Recently I've been determined to learn more about detailing and safely maintaining the shine/cleanliness of my car, so this is a perfect opportunity for me! Additionally I aim to not only promote the products and services that are offered, but to also introduce others into using the products, building both of our social platforms and developing a good working relationship with the Matt and the brand. 

Make sure you give @ben._.price_ a follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest info on the S1's progression, to be the first to know of promotions and offers and not forgetting the 10% discount code to use on the website: AUDIS1


 Ben Price Purifier Shampwax


Ben Price Audi S1 Front End

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