Darren Butchart

March 14, 2019

Darren Butchard VW Caddy

Mattallics Detailing is welcoming our first brand representative. We adore this van and can't wait to see it evolve over the next few months... keep reading to find out more about Darren and his VW Caddy.

Darren contacted us to try and discover a bit more about Mattallics Detailing and the products/services we offer. After a brief chat, we realised that we had more than just automotive detailing in common! We’re huge VW fans here at Mattallics and with a bright green caddy under our wing, we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Darren has a profound passion for detailing and customising his van, much like the Mattallics Team. It's a beautiful colour and a beautiful van, so we're sure you won't miss it on stand at various car shows! 

Tell us a bit about your vehicle?

  • I own a custom Volkswagen Caddy. I've had the van for 6 months and have potential ideas for customisation and further modifications!


What sort of modifications have you added to your vehicle?

Exterior modifications:

  • Gloss back roof
  • Front splitter
  • 19”Jr racing alloys
  • Stance coil overs
  • Colour coded bumpers and mirrors
  • Rear carbon door Handle cover  

Interior modifications:

  • Fully insulated and sound proofing
  • Went with adding grey carpet and a white headline
  • Rear interior light taken out and replaced with 6 LED spot lamps
  • Kenwood 6x9 speakers custom made to fit into the rear panels of the van
  • All of the interior modifications were carried out by a firm in Iverness called Cartec. Darren highly recommends Cartec for any vehicle vinyl wrapping, interior builds and conversions. http://www.cartecsolutions.co.uk/ 

Engine modifications: 

  • Remapped to 190bhp 
  • Full air intake system


What are your future plans for your van?

  •  Would love to add air suspension at some point!


Are you part of any forums or clubs that our customers might find of interest?

  • CCUK (Caddyclubuk)
  • Vw caddy forum
  • Deutschwerkz


Tell us why you are representing Mattallics Detailing...

 I think the products are great and they stand out from others!

 Take a look at more pictures here and follow Darren on Instagram at @darren_butchart. Be sure to use his discount code on our website if you're interested in ordering!

Green VW Caddy On Car Lift

Green VW Caddy

VW Caddy Boot Build






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