Eddie Noble - Bigger & Better

October 29, 2019 2 Comments

Eddie Noble - Bigger & Better

So the time has come for our rep, Eddy, to sell his Laird Performance Stage 3 Fiesta ST. Over the past couple of years, Eddy has invested hours of time, effort and money sculpting his Ford Fiesta ST-3 into something you’d find on the front of a movie poster. But now is the time for Eddy to move onto bigger and better things.
Having spoken to Eddy over the time that the Fiesta was being put back to standard, it was clear that he was looking to go more, let’s say… sideways!
It had to be Japanese, rear-wheel drive and have huge modification benefits. There are actually quite a few cars to choose from; Nissan 350z/370z, Mazda RX7/MX5, Nissan R32/R33… and the list goes on (depending on the budget of course).

Toyota GT86 - Eddie Noble

Eddy has decided to purchase the very desirable Toyota GT86. At the moment, it's relatively standard, apart from the usual starting out bits. Some gold Rota Grids, Eibach lowering springs and a Miltek Sports catted exhaust, married up to a Miltek cat-back. But, trust us when we say that it's not going to be standard for long! Over the winter months, Eddy has got his work cut out in adapting the GT86 into a little show car monster. 

Mattallics Detailing Annihilate Wheel Cleaner

The modification list that Eddy has put together for the GT86 is longer than most 8-year-olds Christmas lists. We're going to be looking at something special over the coming months entering 2020. The main modifications which will be carried out will be: 
  • Fully adjustable Coilovers 
  • 9.5J & 11J Staggered Wheels 
  • Wide Body Kit 
  • Big Wing (because race car!)
  • Possible wrap down the line. 
Regarding engine modifications, Eddy is taking a slightly different approach to this build and won't be injecting as much money/time into the power- he's going for aesthetics.
Make sure to follow @noble_gt86 on Instagram to keep up with the progress, along with @mattallicsdetailing for the latest updates on all things detailing & car scene related! #alwaysmeticulous


Image Source: @86_bunny

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