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March 15, 2021 2 Comments

Mod Central x Mattallics Detailing Ltd

Have you ever thought, 'I wish there was a yellow pages for car enthusiasts'? Well, all that's about to change with the establishment of Mod Central UK! 

Mod Central UK is an innovative, online directory, specialising in car modifications and services, providing a platform for petrol heads to find all their automotive-related answers in one place. Speaking from personal experience, you can be spend hours online, trawling through social media channels and reading endless reviews of the best products, services and suppliers the industry has offer. With Mod Central, you can save yourself the hassle by getting a pick of their best recommendations all in one place. Simple. 

On their website you will find a huge range of automotive services, aftermarket products, accessories and car care brands- quite literally everything you'd want in one place. 

Mod Central Mattallics Page

What's even more unique about Mod Central, is the option to search for an automotive photographer in your area, something we can see being a rising niche in the industry. As social media content becomes increasingly competitive, so does the demand for great photographers. So, next time you're in need of upping your social media game, you know where to come. We're fairly sure we have found our 'go-to' directory for all things automotive. 

With Mattallics Detailing featuring on Mod Central UK's online directory, we've introduced an exclusive discount of 15% for their users! This site wide discount code is: mod15

Anyway, that's it from us for now. We're in the middle of some hefty upgrades to the Mattallics Mini- so keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Meticulous Blog.

Thank you, as always, for reading. Stay safe and always remember to chemically decontaminate after contact washing.

The Mattallics Detailing Team

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