Mattallics guide to a safe car wash

February 21, 2019

Two Bucket Method And Purifier Shampwax 500ml

If you're meticulous like us, stick to these methods of washing to ensure the best protection and finish when washing your car. Sometimes, there's method in the madness...

Two Bucket Wash Method

The clue is in the name isn’t it really? Using two buckets to wash your car (*preferably with grit guards). Fill one bucket with the best automotive shampoo you can get your hands on - Mattallics Purifier Shampoo or Purifier Shampwax are an excellent start. Fill the second bucket with just warm water and nothing else. Dunk the wash mitt into the soapy water and wash away, panel at a time.

Now, dunk your dirty wash mitt into the water only bucket and gently rub it against the grit guard to remove any embedded contamination and dirt that’s fixed into the mitt. Then, simply submerge the cleaned wash mitt back into the soapy bucket and wash away. Repeat this method as necessary

Then, simply submerge the cleaned wash mitt back into the soapy bucket and wash away. Repeat this method as necessary. 

Always work from the top, down to the bottom. The grimiest part of the car tends to be down the bottom, so starting there could mean dragging contamination back up towards the top of your car. 

Throughout the wash process, its best to try and stay out of direct sunlight and to keep hosing down the area(s) you’ve completed with fresh water. This will prevent water from drying and producing water marks on your car .


How Swirl Marks Can Materialise

  • Wiping down a car that is dry with no lubrication and using a dry towel.
  • Not fully rinsing down the car prior to contact washing. This can be prevented by using Snowfoam and/or Pre-Washing.
  • The use of automated car washes.
  • Not rinsing out your wash mitt after use.
  • Insufficiently lubricating the clay bar/clay mitt.


*A grit guard is a plastic mesh which sits in the bottom of the bucket to help remove dirt from off the mitt and keep contamination at the bottom of the water. If you were missing the second bucket/grit guard, all of those tiny particles and dirt that you’ve just cleaned off, would be worked back onto the car, causing light swirl marks, marring and defects. 

Deep Microfibre Wash Mitt and Bug Pad Using Purifier Shampoo

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