Safely and effectively drying your car

March 10, 2019

Mattallics Detailing Drying Towel 1000gsm

Although it might not seem it, drying a car after washing is a fundamental stage of cleaning a car correctly. Not drying your car in the proper manor after a full decontamination can be one of the leading causes of fine scratches and cobweb swirl marks. For best results after drying, ensure you are washing your car adequately beforehand- take a look at our Washing Blog to get up to date. 

We would strongly recommend a high-quality microfibre towel and a top-notch contact wash and decontamination to get the best and safest results when drying a car. It’s important to keep in mind that the drying towel should be doing all the work for you. Little to no pressure is needed when using a microfibre drying towel to dry the car. There are two industry standard techniques used by enthusiasts and professionals.

The dabbing or dragging techniques are favoured:

Dabbing is simply laying the towel on the paintwork and allowing it to soak up all of the moisture. When the towel has absorbed the moisture, just pick it up and move it along to the next patch. This can sometimes take a little longer and use up more towels but is a very safe method of drying a car. The dragging technique is also very simple. Grab your towel at two edges and swipe it across the surface to pick up all the moisture on its way.

To aid the drying stage, here at Mattallics Detailing, we advise not to let water dry on the car, especially not in direct sunlight. Tap water tends to contain a little bit of calcium, magnesium and various other minerals that once evaporated, leave behind deposits that can be a right pain to remove! To get the most out of drying, you can always use a drying aid like Mattallics Drift Detailer or Quick Slick Spray Wax. These will assist the glide from the drying towel along with acting as a ‘top up’ of protection & extreme gloss.

Buy our drying towel here.

Happy cleaning!


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