Interior cleaning

Extract - Upholstery & Leather Cleaner


A place that can often get left behind when carrying out an interior car valet is the deep cleaning of carpets, leather and upholstery. Vacuuming these surfaces will remove a large percentage of contamination, but with our new Extract Upholstery & Leather Cleaner, you can dive that little bit further and get your deep clean on!

Prior to use: Vacuum effective areas to remove any loose and larger particles of contamination and dirt, allowing the substrate to be more exposed in order for Extract to effectively carry out its job. 

How to use: Liberally spray Mattallics Detailing Extract Upholstery & Leather Cleaner onto affected areas or directly onto the applicator and allow to settle for a few seconds. Agitate with Mattallics Detailing Upholstery Brush or drill / DA Polisher Brush. Once dirt and contamination have been extracted, wipe down the remains with a microfibre towel or suitable wet/vac and inhale the refreshing apple mint fragrance!