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Purifer Shampoo is a highly concentrated, wax and eco-friendly car shampoo which provides outstanding cleaning power against tough road dirt and grime, whilst still being gentle enough not to strip any previously applied waxes or sealers. Purifier Shampoo will effectively break the bond between dirt and the underlying substrate. This means minimal effort and pressure on your paintwork is required to wash your car and achieve your required finish.

Prior to your contact wash with Purifier it's advised to carry out a pre-wash stage with Mattallics Cloud Snow Foam to loosen any dirt. Once rinsed off, add approximately 15ml of Purifier to a 20L bucket of warm or cold water. A grit guard is recommended to prevent any additional scratches and gently wash the car one panel at a time. Make sure to rinse out the wash mitt using a second bucket of water with a grit guard. Once finished, rinse car thoroughly and dry. 

Mattallics Detailing ensures to take as much care in the creation of wrap safe products, but cannot take liability for lifting of vinyl or defects if the wrap has not been professionally and correctly applied and/or the product has not been looked after and used correctly. Please refer to detailers advice or contact us for information on the safe cleaning of vinyl wraps.

Please find a link to the MSDS below:

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