Aqua Beam - Glass Sealant


Mattallics Aqua Beam Glass Sealant is a magnificent glass sealant which creates a resilient hydrophobic barrier. When driving in rainy conditions, Aqua Beam will provide enhanced visibility to improve road safety when driving. Bonding to your glass upon application and creating a clear shield against  surface contamination, insect residue and environmental fallout. Aqua Beam durability is also very impressive, lasting up to 3 months on the front window and 4-6 months on the side and rear windows. This can also improve over the summer months by 25%.

Wash your car normally and once the car is dry, apply Beam Glass Cleaner to the exterior glass. Secondly apply Aqua Beam Glass Sealant and buff with a microfibre cloth ensuring even coverage. Grab a second clean microfibre towel and buff out any excess product that may remain on the glass to achieve that crystal clear finish.

Please find a link to the MSDS below:

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