Clay Bar - Pack Of Two


Mattallics Detailing Clay Bar is a Synthetic Clay compound used to remove embedded contamination from paintwork, glass, and metal. Clay barring a car is often referred to as the manual decontamination stage. It will wipe out organic pollution, the type that can sometimes be seen with the naked eye. For example tree sap, insect residue tar and dried mineral spots. Mattallics Detailing Clay Bar will also remove any inorganic pollution most common being iron filings, brake dust, paint overspray and industrial fallout. Whilst using the Clay Bar, it’s essential to use Drift Detailer And Clay Lube to contribute to a scratch-free process. The lubricant offers the same service as shaving foam for your skin… protecting the car's paintwork from defects, marring and scratches, but not acting like a barrier to stop the clay bar from inheriting embedded contamination.

Generously spray Drift Detailer And Clay Lube onto the Clay Bar and cars panel. Warm up the clay bar by kneading it in your hands and then mould it into a workable size (no bigger than the palm of your hand). Apply light pressure on top of the bar and work, up and down, side to side… no wax on wax off techniques required. You’ll hear the Clay Bar picking up the contamination and after the first few passes, it will begin to drift along the paint having picked up all pollutants. Wipe away left over residue with a clean microfibre towel. You're now ready for Glazing or Polishing!