Cloud - Snow Foam


Cloud Snow Foam is a rich and stable PH neutral pre-wash procedure that will not only cleanse, soak and remove road grime, but also not strip any previously applied waxes or sealants on your Garage King motor. Cloud is a bio-degradable formula designed to be applied onto all vehicle surfaces including paint, glass, plastics, alloy, rubber and vinyl.

Cloud is applied using a pressure washer with a snow foam lance or a foam gun by using roughly 100-150ml of product per car. It can also be applied through a pump sprayer at a dilution of 1:25 -1:15. Cover the entire car and allow the foam to dwell on the surface of the car for up to 10 minutes and rinse off, bringing all that muck off with it before manually coming into contact with the surface of the paint! 

Mattallics Detailing ensures to take as much care in the creation of wrap safe products, but cannot take liability for lifting of vinyl or defects if the wrap has not been professionally and correctly applied and/or the product has not been looked after and used correctly. Please refer to detailers advice or contact us for information on the safe cleaning of vinyl wraps.

Please find a link to the MSDS below:


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