Desert Waterless Wash And Wax


Mattallics Desert Waterless Wash And Wax cleaner is perfect for those who do not have access to fresh water (or for that last minute top up clean at your car show). Desert Waterless Wash will remove light road contamination, grime, tree sap and bird droppings off a variety of surfaces including; paint, glass, plastic, and almost any non-porous substrates. This formula is both safe and impressive allowing you to remove light surface contamination without the need for water. Desert Waterless Wash And Wax formula includes a modern gloss coating, which when applied, gives that slick, ultra gloss look. 

Liberally apply Desert Waterless Wash And Wax to effected areas and wipe gently with a clean microfibre towel. Buff off with a second clean, plush microfibre cloth to attain minimal smears and left over residue. Please note* Upon use of Desert Waterless Wash and Wax Mattallics Detailing will not accept responsibility of damage that may have been caused as a result of miss-use. It is advised to take into consideration the directions of use prior to application. 

Please find a link to the MSDS below:

Collections: Exterior, Wash, Wax

Type: Exterior