Detailing Brush Set 5 Piece


An assorted range of quality interior or exterior detailing brushes. A must-have set of brushes for a regular weekend warrior or professional alike. 

The Mattallics detailing Detailing Brush Set provides you with 5 different sizes and diameters! Allowing you to tickle a wide range of areas including the smaller gaps within the interior, all the way to the large and thick honeycomb grille. 

We recommend using the hanging hole at the end of the handle when storing after use. Meaning our Detailing Brush Set can be safe and kept away from contamination on flat surfaces (and to fulfill the organisation OCD) 

For use on: 

  • Pre-washing and agitating integrate areas. Grilles, window sills & rubbers, badges. 
  • Deep clean of wheels combined with Annihilate Wheel Cleaner
  • Interior tickling 
  • Engine bays