Drift - Detailer and Clay Lube


Mattallics Drift Detailer and Clay Lube is a sophisticated maintenance product which can be used in a variety of different circumstances. After your maintenance wash, Drift Detailer will remove light surface contamination, fingerprints and water spots. Drift Detailer will also top up any existing protection and can be used as a drying aid with a microfibre drying towel. Drift Detailer is also dedicated to benefit the claying procedure to reduce the risk of scratching/marring on the cars paint by reducing surface tension and allowing the clay bar to skim across the panel. Think of it as shaving foam for your car! 

For quick detailing, spray Drift Detailer onto a panel as necessary and wipe away with a microfibre towel in back and forth motions, turn over the towel and buff off any left over residue for a freshly detailed look. If using Drift Detailer for claying, apply generously to a section at a time and mould your Clay Bar into a workable size. Whilst keeping it well dosed with product, slide your clay in straight back and forward motions until it no longer picks up contamination. Remove residue and admire the smooth glass like paint.  

Please find a link to the MSDS below: