E82FAM Club Vinyl Transfer Decals


Represent the E82 FAM Owners Club with the official Vinyl Transfer Decals. Super-high-quality vinyl will adhere to almost any surface and stay in top condition for years to come. Let people know the club you represent associated with Mattallics Detailing Ltd. (15.5cm x 4cm)

Application* Ensure the substrate is completely dry, free from grease and surface contamination. If required, gently use a hairdryer or heat gun when applying the transfer vinyl. As with most stickers, it’s advised to be gentle when pressure washing and hand washing. 

*On its own, this item warrants a free delivery service! Add to checkout (no code required) 

* To qualify for a FREE STICKER on all orders over £15.00, add required colour to the basket and use code E82FAM.

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