EliminaTAR - Glue And Tar Remover


Mattallics Detailing EliminaTAR is a vicious tar and glue remover that's designed to break down contamination, remove stubborn tar deposits and unwanted glue residue on both paint and plastic. EliminaTAR will also remove fuel stains, wax, gum, grease, and oils.

On lighter contamination, spray EliminaTAR on to effected areas and allow to dwell for up to 60 seconds. Then rinse off with fresh water or a pressure washer. With more heavily effected areas, spray evenly and leave to soak for up to 60 seconds. Then agitate EliminaTAR with a soft sash detailing brush or wipe with a microfibre cloth. Once contamination has been removed, rinse off with fresh water. Advised not to be used on smart repairs, after market paintwork, refurbished wheels and delicate plastics like headlights/taillights. 

Please find a link to the MSDS below:

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