Foam Clay Block - Fine Grade

Our brand new manual decontamination Foam Clay Block has landed! Using our Fine Grade Clay Block will prove to be an easier, safer and prompt way to manually decontaminate your paintwork and finally make it mirror smooth! 

Using our Foam Clay Block will evenly and effectively remove lightly embedded contamination from most surfaces on your car, including your glass, alloys, ridged plastics, metal and even carbon fiber! Decontaminating the car's surfaces will essentially 'deep clean' the substrate... think of it as a deep face scrub... for your car. As a result of the Foam Clay Block, your protection stage will be much more beneficial! Your wax, sealant, detailer or ceramic product will correctly be able to bond with your cars substrate and fill in the pores of your surface to fend off against future contaminates.

Another stage after using a Clay Bar, Mitt or Block would be too polish your cars paintwork to remove any minor swirls or scratches. Our Galactic Polish would be the ideal candidate for such a task! Once you've removed those, its time for the stage above... protection!