Galactic Polish


Galactic Polish is a hand applied car polish designed to remove any leftover contamination or oxidisation which an ordinary two bucket wash method may not clean. With its advanced formula, a quick one-step application will leave your paint ultra-glossy, preparing the surface for any subsequent layers of protection such as wax or paint sealant like Lustre Wax or Hydro Eclipse by Mattallics Detailing.

For the finest finishing potential, we advise to wash then dry the car and decontaminate the paint. This can be done chemically with Pumping Iron Remover and EliminaTAR and manually with a clay mitt/bar in conjunction with Drift Detailer. (Carry out both for best results). Then apply two - four small pea sized drops onto a polish applicator pad and spread gently. Leave to haze and buff away with a clean microfibre cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight and do not forget to stand back and admire! 

Please find a link to the MSDS below: