Infusion - Paint Sealant


Mattallics Infusion Paint Sealant is a liquid spray sealant formulated to add a layer of protection onto your car's paintwork whilst enhancing the shine, gloss and overall finish. If you're after a fast, top quality protection product then Infusion is the product for you!

Upon application, Infusion will bond with the paintwork, making it exceptionally easy to achieve those almighty hydrophobic properties we are all after! This will help carrying out maintenance washes with Mattallics Cloud Snow Foam and Purifier Shampoo quicker, easier and more effective. Infusion is a quick one, step application that can be applied onto paint, glass, plastic and even alloys. 

Mattallics Detailing ensures to take as much care in the creation of wrap safe products, but cannot take liability for lifting of vinyl or defects if the wrap has not been professionally and correctly applied and/or the product has not been looked after and used correctly. Please refer to detailers advice or contact us for information on the safe cleaning of vinyl wraps.

Please find a link to the MSDS below: