Maestro - All Surface Cleaner


Mattallics Detailing Maestro Cleaner is a specialised, solvent free, multi-purpose cleaner which has been produced to safely clean all exterior and interior surfaces professionally, efficiently and quickly. The Maestro Cleaner works fiercely on those heavily greased areas like engine bays and under the wheel arches and doesn't stop there. Maestro Cleaner can also remove a vast variety of contaminates like brake dust, oil, exhaust residue, road dirt, grime and more. 

For very greasy and contaminated areas, spray The Maestro Cleaner onto the desired surface and agitate with a detailing brush or alternative. Rinse away with fresh water and dry straight away. For interior use and light contamination, spray The Maestro Cleaner onto a microfibre cloth or applicator pad and smoothly wipe over soiled areas. The Maestro Multi-Purpose Cleaner is definitely a product we'd recommend to stock in any professional or weekend warriors armoury! 

Please find a link to the MSDS below:

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