Professional Wash Mitt


Mattallics Professional Wash Mitt features deep pile wool fibre which will absorb water and suds to carry onto the car for a safe and protected, swirl free finish. The unique blend of fibres fused within the pad allows you to glide across the surface with ease and minimal risk of harming the surface during the contact washing stage. Our thick Wash Mitt will effectively trap dirt and contamination deep into its pores to ensure the least amount of harm to your paintwork whilst washing.

The delicate poly mesh wool is safe for use on all of the cars surface with minimal pressure to remove pesky bug marks and embedded contamination. The Professional Wash Mitt's intricate design will release contamination and sticky residue when irritating the wash mitt against your grit guard to aid with the removal of contaminants. Achieve best results using Purifer Shampoo or Purifier Shampwax