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Mattallics Purifier Shampwax is a blend of engaging shampoo, lubricants and waxes which are more than capable of cutting through resilient road grime and dirt, while not affecting any existing layers of protection that have been previously applied to the car. Purifier has a dilution ratio of 1:800, making it remarkably economical for any professional or weekend warrior.

We advise that you first carry out a pre-wash stage with Mattallics Cloud Snow Foam prior to any contact with the surface of the car to remove all loose contaminants. Add the required amount to a bucket of warm or cold water with a grit guard to minimise stone and grit debris. Gently wash the car one panel at a time, ensuring to rinse out the wash mitt using a second bucket of water with a grit guard. Rinse the car thoroughly once finished.


Please find a link to the MSDS below:

Collections: Exterior, Wash, Winter Protection

Type: Exterior

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