Quick Slick - Spray Wax


Quick Slick Spray Wax has been brought to you from Mattallics Detailing. It's a wet and glossy wax spray that will remove light surface contamination whilst simultaneously applying a liquid form of carnauba wax to protect and boost the look of your cars paint. Quick Slick is designed to be streak-free and will add a rich wet look to the paintwork. Additionally it can be applied over existing protection layers that have been previously applied. Prolonging the properties and slickness. 

Quick Slick Spray Wax can be applied onto a wet car followed by your preferred method of drying. Spray evenly onto the surface and wipe away in straight line motions, then buff off to a high shine with a plush, dry microfibre towel. Or it can be applied onto a dry car for a rapid top up of protection and gloss. 

Mattallics Detailing ensures to take as much care in the creation of wrap safe products, but cannot take liability for lifting of vinyl or defects if the wrap has not been professionally and correctly applied and/or the product has not been looked after and used correctly. Please refer to detailers advice or contact us for information on the safe cleaning of vinyl wraps.

Please find a link to the MSDS below: