Spick 'n' Span Rubber & Vinyl Dressing


Spick 'n' Span Rubber & Vinyl Dressing is a trim dressing for all things rubber, plastic and vinyl. Using its state of the art chemical formula it will prolong the life of your interior trim, tyres, doors cards, dashboards, engine covers and exterior plastics by resisting and cleaning soiling, stains, finger prints, grease and light contamination. Spick 'n' Span will leave the surface with a modern satin finish and also prolong the life of treated substrates through the prevention from cracking, fading.

Clean heavy contaminated areas with Mattallics Detailing Meastro Cleaner and apply Spick 'n' Span onto a microfibre applicator pad. Delicately and evenly wipe down the surface then allow to dry. If required you can buff up with a separate microfibre towel. There is no requirement to over apply this product. For engine bays and exterior trim protection. Clean the engine bay, allow to dry and generously apply Spick 'n' Span to the plastic and rubber. Once dried, wipe excess product with a clean microfibre towel to achieve a Spick 'n' Span finish. 

Please find a link to the MSDS below: