The Gigantor - Premium Drying Towel


‘The Gigantor’ Drying Towel from Mattallics Detailing is a 1000GSM, Terry Warped 60cm x 60cm magic microfibre drying towel. It's a super versatile, ultra soft microfibre towel that has been manufactured from the finest grade microfibre and TRC. The Gigantor Drying Towel is absorbent enough to professionally dry a medium sized car with a streak free finish! Being lint free, it's completely paint safe, non-abrasive and can be used in conjunction with quick detailers, spray waxes and drying aids to reduce dry drag and improve overall finish.

The Gigantor Drying Towel has the ability to absorb up to 8 times its weight in moisture. A 70/30 blend and .013 denier makes this towel so sensationally silky smooth and velvety, you’ll want to take it to bed! Can be laundered at 40 Deg C up to 400 times. In some cases tumble drying can be useful as it opens up the fibres.

Collections: Accessories, Exterior

Type: Accessory