Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit


You've landed on one of the best alloy wheel cleaning kits on the market! If you’re tired  trying to keep on top of cleaning your alloy wheels, then this Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit is just for you. Mattallics Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit provides everything required to fully: decontaminate, remove road grime, offer a shine / protection to your alloys and tyres! Our kit includes:


  • Pumping Iron Remover 500ml
  • Annihilate Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml
  • Tolerance Tyre Dressing 250ml
  • Infusion Paint Sealant 250ml
  • Jumbo Wheel Brush


In almost all situations, alloy wheels tend to be the filthiest part of a car. They can require special attention and dedicated products to undertake the layers of muck! Before carrying out a contact wash on your wheels, we advise to use Annihilate Alloy Wheel Cleaner to remove the embedded surface contamination. Agitate with our Jumbo Wheel Brush for the most effective and top results. Follow this with your normal method of contact washing and what ever is left over, attack with our fallout remover - Pumping Iron! Dry off and apply Infusion Paint Sealant to offer increased gloss and protection. Finally add a bit of finesse with tyre care...use a small amount of Tolerance Tyre Dressing will complete your alloy wheel cleaning session!