Wheel Plush Brush Trio


With the Mattallics Wheel Plush Brush Trio you will be able to access every point in, around and on your wheels to remove embedded brake dust, dirt and contamination. Usually, the front wheels and surrounding areas are the filthiest on a car, also typically the most difficult to get to and sufficiently clean. The Wheel Plush Brushes come in three various sizes; Small, Medium and Large. Having the Wheel Plush Brush Trio in your detailing armory will no doubt make cleaning the wheels much more straightforward and efficient.

Small Wheel Plush Brush will get itself into almost any gap, within and around your wheels. The littlest of the Plush brushes. Light, compact and easy to clean your multiple spoke wheels.

Medium Wheel Plush Brush by Mattallics Detailing is the go-to wheel brush. The Wayne Rooney of accessories for cleaning your wheels…solid, strong and will work where ever you put it. Mattallics Medium Wheel Plush Brush is a fantastic all-round brush to slot itself in between almost all wheel designs.

Large Wheel Plush Brush is exceptional for those wide spoke rims and deep dishes. Because of its larger surface area, this brush can effortlessly remove contamination and dirt that builds up behind the spokes and brake discs. This larger brush has lengthy, soft and forgiving bristles so it has the capability to reach behind the spokes, into tight areas to remove surrounding contaminants.

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Type: Accessory